Monday, April 30, 2012

Mi Mero Mole

5026 SE Division

burrito junkie
burrito junkieAny business with a huge sign that simply reads "Tacos" is alright by me. The smell of Mexican spices permeating the air in all directions is also a good sign. They have a rotating menu, with varying guisados, which are traditional Mexican stews or stir-fries. You choose which one you'd like, and if you want it in tacos, as a plate, or in a burrito. Intriguing right? Check out their website to view all of their rotating concoctions. As my friend said, "I like how you come here not knowing what to expect." This was my first time here, and in good company.

The establishment itself was impressive. They offer a cozy inviting atmosphere, bad ass booze selection, and fast friendly service. But I'm not here to review that, NOW AM I?

I got to sample 4 different burritos, including:
Albondigas: Pork, beef, and ham meatballs stuffed with boiled egg and stewed in chipotle-tomato sauce
Pollo en Mole Verde: Chicken in green mole
Cerdo con Nopales en Chile Colorado: Pork and cactus in red chile sauce. 
Rajas con Crema: Roasted poblano chiles with sauteed onions in a sour cream and aged cheese sauce.

Rajas con Crema Burrito

 I'll focus on this one for my review.

Contents: (see above) plus black beans and rice

Price: $5.50

Sides: Red Sauce, smokey sauce, green sauce, pickled onions, chips and salsa ($2)

Size: Didn't get exact measurements, but it was a mid-range size- not too small, not enormous.

I had high expectations for a place boasting such evocative and unique dishes. If the description on the menu makes my mouth water, the food itself better be euphoric! The rajas con crema was lively and creamy, and the poblano chiles added a fair amount of piquancy. It also had a savory umami vibe from the aged cheese. However, the rice and beans in the burrito seemed to dull down the vibrant flavor of the sauce. The ingredients all tasted very fresh, and the tortillas are handmade on the spot. The salsas were very distinctive, from the smoky chipotle flavor of the red, to the crisp earthiness of the green. The chips were, as my friend said, "the best chips I've ever had." Overall, I could tell that a lot of work went into making this burrito, but I still longed for a bit more. Dare I say, that next time I'll try a guisado in tacos or as a plate, so that I can experience more of the flavor without the rice and beans holding it back? I do.



I'm changing my rating system. Keeping it real with one overall rating out of 5 stars. Taste, size, and satisfaction are all taken into account, as well as price for the quality of ingredients you receive.

 My conclusion: 3.9 stars

Will I go here again? Hell yeah, can't wait to try more options.

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