Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Los Gorditos (food cart)

I've been to this food cart, on the corner of Division and 50th, more than I'd like to admit. It's never been mind-blowing, but they offer decent burritos. They are incredibly hyped, and are a mainstay in the vegan/vegetarian community. This is probably what first drew me here, because at one time or another I was vegetarian and still enjoy a nice veggie burrito. This time, however, I opted for something of a more carnivorous variety. Was this a mistake?


  The Super Stacy Burrito

Contents: refried beans, rice, cheese, 2 scoops red sauce, jalapeƱos, grilled onion, beef, raw onion, cilantro, and sour cream, grease

Price: $6.50

Sides: Super hot salsa, green salsa, orange salsa

Length: 7 inches

Circumference: 10 inches

I expected more flavor out of a burrito that claims to have 2 scoops of red sauce and jalapeƱos inside. Ingredient dispersion was quite off, as one bite contained most of the sour cream and another had an overabundance of red sauce. The vague term "beef" is a bit of a put off. And it was just that- beef. Nothing more to say about it. After a few bites, a steady stream of grease began dripping from the bottom of the tortilla, much to my dismay. The one thing that stood out in this burrito was the crunch of the raw onion, which is usually just a bonus in burrito land, not the only life saver. To add some kind words, the orange hot sauce is a tangy delight. However, sometimes a burrito is only as good as its hot sauce; take it away and you are left with a sad droopy clump of molecules. In the end, I couldn't finish this burrito because the last bites were too greasy and all beef.


Taste: 2     Size: 5*     Satisfaction: 1    Overall: 1.5

Will I go here again? Yes, but not for this burrito.

*Sometimes you can have a huge burrito, but if the flavor isn't there, and it's just a greasy wannabe, then size just doesn't matter honey. Size just doesn't matter.

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