Rating System

All burritos are ranked on a scale from 1-5 stars. One being horrendous, and five being absolute burrito transcendence. Each rating is based solely on the individual burrito, not on the establishment whence it came. I don't let outside stimuli influence my ratings (at least I try not to).

I take several factors into account upon rating a burrito: taste, texture, quality, ingredient dispersion, presentation, size, price, overall satisfaction, and how I feel after eating it. When I'm finished, I ask myself the baseline question: "to what degree did this burrito fulfill my desire?"

My top picks on the menu tend to be carnitas or chile relleno burritos. The style I am most drawn to is somewhere between authentic and Americanized. Meat quality and texture is of the utmost importance. If a burrito is packed full of too much lettuce or rice, it instantly slides down the scale. I love cheese and creamy refried beans, and a little sour cream adds mucho amor! Fresh pico makes me swoon swoon swoon! The burrito should have some spiciness on its own, but distinct salsas add to the love.

I also include a "will I go here again?" question in my ratings. Perhaps one particular burrito from an establishment ranks poorly, but if I have hope that a better burrito may be available, I will return.


  1. I own a Mexican American restaurant in Rockford, IL and one of my staff members just returned from a vacation in Portland and was raving about the Relleno Burrito he picked up at a food cart in Hawthorne area. I wanted to look into it but he couldn't remember the name of the cart. Any chance you might know?

  2. Hi Josh! Was he on Hawthorne Street, or just near it? There is a cart on Division and 42nd called Lindo Michoacan which has huge chile relleno burritos.

  3. This is a totally awesome blog! Please keep it up, I need a burrito-guide in this harsh land!

  4. Thank You, for sorting thru this absolutely vital food category. Although a great burrito is somewhat personal in taste, your blog gives enough info for a fellow burrito searcher to find their way to greatness. Is there a ranked list somewhere in your blog? Just moving to Portland I would like to get a feel for what's out there?