Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tacos Salazar

In a strange vortex where the suburbs mingle with the countryside, a little food cart sits like a mirage in the parking lot of a country store. At the intersection of Hwy 224 and 212, you'll find Tacos Salazar. Google says the address is: 15252 OR-224, Damascus, OR 97089

Why would you find yourself way out in these parts, you ask? Perhaps you are on your way home after some recreating along the Clackamas River, or you had to go to the DEQ. Maybe you work in horticulture or needed to pick up gravel or some sort of oil tank. Maybe you just want a tasty, unpretentious burrito.

Chile Relleno Burrito

Price: $6.50

Ingredients: Chile relleno, pinto beans, rice, cheese, creme

Size: Large

Sides: Red and green salsa

Wrapped up like Christmas came early, this hefty guy was brimming with pinto beans. As I delicately lifted half and unwrapped the paper, steam wafted up into the cool fall air and my heart was set aflutter.

The toothsome tortilla was salty and fresh, with that light toasty texture that lives in perfection between flaky and squishy. The chile relleno had a wondrously crisp outer layer, and the pepper was fleshy and cooked just right. A wee bit more cheese at its core would have put it over the top. The stem was still attached, so I got a surprising bite there at the end and had to dig it out of my mouth. Enticing, right? Ingredient dispersion couldn't have been better, and mmm... the red salsa actually had some heat to it!

The Rating

4 out of 5.

Even with the stem, this one was damn tasty.