Thursday, May 1, 2014

Left Coast Siesta

You've just spent a gorgeous day hopping in and out of frothy ice cold waves and searching for unbroken sand dollars. You hiked through a tangled stumpy rain forest and out into a rocky cove, and found yourself among many like you; sipping beer and letting their dogs run free in the breeze.

But now the sun is dipping below the horizon, and your stomach is howling. You head into the town of Manzanita, to a little "healthy" Mexican eatery called Left Coast Siesta. You'll find it next to the organic grocer and patchouli infused spa.

Spicy Pork Burrito

Price: $6.50

Ingredients: Pork, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, olives, sunflower seeds, hot sauce

Sides: Chips, Salsa and Guacamole $3.50

Size: Honkin'

No, don't adjust your monitors- this is a green burrito. I opted for the spinach tortilla. This is one of those places where you have a lot of choices. I got everything on it, sans rice.  

Touted as a healthy hippie burrito, which I found to be only partly true. It was like eating a cheap salad slathered in sour cream on one side, with beans and  meat on the other side. The pork had a good spice, and the beans were acceptable. Having olives on a burrito was... strange. The tortilla was chewy and sticky, and didn't have the integrity to hold the ingredients safely inside throughout consumption. By the end it was just a soggy drippy glob, but with shameful sorrow and a beany face, I kept eating.

There was too much going on with this burrito, including the addition of sunflower seeds. Yes, sunflower seeds. So, perhaps I shouldn't have opted for everything on it... but I had to. It wasn't exactly a healthy new age burrito- no tempeh or kale or buckwheat... but it wasn't a classic meat-and-cheese bomb either. So, what was it? WHAT WAS IT?!?!?!

Despite all of the confusion, at the end of a long day at the beach, it was pretty satisfying. The price was right for food on the coast, and it was sizable.

The Rating

2.9 out of 5. 

Would I go back? Oh, probably, maybe because of memories... damn memories!!! This is supposed to be objective... Sorry. Go make your own memories!

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